Welcome Shalom!

I would like to thank you all, for visiting my blog
I’m so happy being one of YeHoVaH’s Big Family
I don’t have enough words to give thanks to YeHoVaH for His Son YeHoSHUaH, once and for all 

About me

I was born in a christian family “Roman Catholic”
My father was a farmer, my mother was a canvasser

As I remember when I was eleven years old, I love of being lonely
But I was not alone, because I always talked to my father above, He is my best friend
That’s the reason why I was so zealous of everything I do, my school, house hold chores  and helped my father in flesh on our garden
Whatever I do during that time, my father above is always my companion, I called Him father, because I never knew yet His real Name, but still He was my best friend all day lone.
There was a time, I asked Him I said to Him – Father my sleeper are broken already can I ask you for a new one? After few days, I got my new sleeper, but my father in flesh was so amazed, because the number of our harvest was so huge, and it was not like the normal quantity during our harvesting time. Note, I never told my father in flesh to buy me a new sleeper because I knew our coming income only enough for our basic needs. And the amazing thing was, why my father in flesh bought me a shoe, and I was very much happy for my new sleeper. I cried alone and gave thanks to my father above for my new sleeper.

Daily Routine During My Childhood Times

From Monday to Friday
I woke up at 5am early in the morning just to do the watering some part of our garden and the other parts for my other 2 brothers, I was so zealous doing those things with my best friend and most of the time I will sing any song I knew, I think that’s one of the reasons why I understand how wonderful is the vibration of a genuine praising song, it’s like I raised up my two hands while holding my spiritual torch on my right hand with full blast of fire as the shekinah glory of Father above, and cry with louder voice as living shofar “YeHoVaH” – “YeHoVaH” – “Father” you alone is my King, you alone is my Redeemer and to you alone I will bow down my head to worship and serve, thank you for being AWESOME to us all your children. Father please help us all to hold on your Torah your Words of Truth, please don’t leave us alone while we’re waiting your Son Mashiach Final Arrival.

To be continue